Show Images

This is the main feature of WebScissors. When you enter a web page address (also called a URL) into the text field and click on the Show Images button, WebScissors will scan through the web page at that URL and present you with a list of all of the images that it finds on that page.

Note that WebScissors will only look for images on the page, and therefore can not be used to find audio or video files.


If you do not know the URL of the page you want to get images from, there is a shortcut that will find the URL for you. Just surf to the page that has the image you want, then go directly to WebScissors.com and click on the Show Last URL button. That will cause the last URL you visited (ie, the one with your image on it) to automatically show up in the URL field.

To make this even easier, many users have put WebScissors.com in their WebTV F-Key Shortcuts, so that they only have to press one button to get from their target web page back to WebScissors.


Once you have entered a valid web page address and clicked on the Show Images button, WebScissors will then go out and search through that web page for images and assemble an image list for you. This can sometimes take a little while, depending on how long the page is and how big the images are.

When the image list comes up, you will see one row for each image that WebScissors was able to find. You can then use the links on the right hand side of the page to import an image to your WebTV Scrapbook, view the image details, or edit an image.


If you enter the URL of a web page and the images you are looking for do not show up as expected, please see the troubleshooting guide in the Help section for possible explanations and work-arounds.