View Source

Instead of scanning a web page for images with the usual Show Images button, you can also use the View Source button to see the full HTML source code of the given page. Instructions on how to enter the URL of a web page are identical to those on the Show Images page, but instead of an Image List, you'll get a large text box that contains the HTML source code in an editable format.

This can often be useful when you run into instances where WebScissors can't find the image you're after, since you can then go into the source code, find the direct URL to that image, and enter it into WebScissors manually.

If you do not know any HTML, this might not be very useful to you. But if you are doing any web page building, you probably already know some HTML or are in the process of learning. But just incase, here are a few tutorials on the web that can help you get started:

If you have any other HTML tutorials you'd like to see listed here, please let us know.